Jason Craighead

A Conversation with Jason Craighead
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By Dan Williams

Jason Craighead's strongest influence is simply "great painting." "There are 24 year old artists that I admire as much as I do some who have passed away," Jason said recently.
Jason agreed with little persuasion to be Works of Heart's 2004 Signature Artist while jurying the 2003 Auction. We spoke last week about his experiences as one of the Triangle's leading artists, and specifically about the series of which our Signature graphic "Conversation #7" is the last.
Jason's focus for the series was the artists of the 50's with whom his work is closely affiliated. For Jason, the driving force behind any of his work is never the title the work will take, but the work itself and its evolution. "I'm always finding new ways to push paint," Jason said. "Structure and construction itself fascinates me - build¬ings, cranes, poles - everything you would see walking the streets of downtown. I construct and deconstruct as I build my painting. My paintings are a very physical process and they're a record of my life."
By all accounts, Jason's work and life are earning wide¬spread respect and admiration. Jason and his agent. Bob Doster, are co-owners of Glance Gallery in Raleigh. The Gallery has quickly built a reputation with shows for locally, nationally, and internationally resumed artists. Glance also provides art consultation and fine art fram¬ing for individual and corporate collectors.
Jason has had a phenomenal 2004, opening his first museum show at Fayetteville's Museum of Art. Frazier's Restaurant in Raleigh, long known as a venue for rotat¬ing art exhibits, including those of Works of Heart, com¬missioned Jason for it's permanent collection. The col¬lection was installed late summer and is receiving high praise.
On the personal front, Jason and his wife Meg celebrat¬ed their fifth wedding anniversary last week, and Jason

is quick to credit Meg with supporting him during the early and difficult years of his artistic profession. "She's very supportive... and very partial."
Jason has been contributing artist for Works of Heart since 2001. Jason, Bob and Glance Gallery have become strong supporters of Works of Heart and The Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina. "Bob Rankin encouraged me to contribute that first year and the reception my artwork and I received was just incredi¬ble. The friends I've made in and out of the art world through Works of Heart makes our participation for the cause so worthwhile. Works of Heart is the art auction in the region."
Congratulations to Jason on a successful 2004 and Signature Artist year.