Jason Craighead

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Lather Weekly, April 2003
The Lancaster News, July 2003
Metro Magazine July 2003
Inside the, June 2003
The News And Observer, March 2004
Metro Magazine, MetroBravo Award, June 2005
Metro Magazine, July 2005
The News And Observer, March 2005
Artists and Art Galleries of the Southeast, JuJy 2006
Metro Magazine, MetroBravo Honorable Mention, July 2006
Private Collections:
Senator John Edwards Office-US Senate-Washington, DC
Exploris Museum-Raleigh, NC
Zaytoun & Miller, PLLC-Raleigh, NC
Frazier's-Raleigh, NC
Humble Pie-Raleigh, NC
Steve Guggenheim PLLC-Raleigh, NC
O2 Fitness-Gary, NC
Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Hunter Industries- Cary.NC
The Dawson on Morgan- Raleigh,NC
Current Representation:
Glance Gallery Raleigh, NC Broadhurst Gallery Pinehurst, NC New Elements Gallery Wilmington, NC Center of the Earth Gallery Charlotte, NC
Artist Jason Craighead resides in downtown Raleigh, NC. He studied painting while attending Gulf Coast Community College and Florida State University. As a regional artist Jason has developed a strong patron base that includes US Senator John Edwards along with a host of regional and national corporations and private collectors from Los Angeles to Raleigh.
" When creating work, I am only concerned with the process, focusing on compositional math. Layering canvas with washy to opaque acrylics and making very subtle to very heavy marks with pencils, pastels etc. Interesting surface textures arise as a result of the drippy layers, adding both visual and physical depth. My work is not about emotion or story telling in the now, it is more about creating a body of work that will evolve, grow and change, over my lifetime."
"The line has become his subject, edging out in terms of visual importance the bright, primary color palette he once used Craighead describes his process as very physical; paint drips, lines slash and move. Abstracted chambers, edges and voids seem to be executed with equal parts abandon and concentration." The News and Observer March 2004.